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For DARS-SWARM2021, attendee-to-attendee communication will be supplemented by Slack. We hope that this tool will help you connect with other attendees and allow richer discussions.

DARS-SWARM2021 will hold online sessions at Zoom. The following document notes how to use Zoom during meetings. Use it to help your online participation.

Slack Guide for On-demand Discussions


  • Terminologies:

    • "organizers" stands for people listed in the general chair, the program chair, and the executive committee members.

    • "attendees" stands for people who participate in the conference.

  • The attendees will be invited to the workspace on the 31st of May. The workspace will be available until the 18th of June. After then, your access permission will be expired and you will not able to log in anymore.

  • If you have never used Slack, please check the following instructions:

  • Please set your display name appropriately, e.g. showing your full name with affiliation.

  • Any inappropriate conversations, such as regarded as harassment, racism, etc., are strongly prohibited. If you find such messages, please report them to the organizers.

  • The organizers will not be active from 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. (JST).

  • If you have further questions, please post it #contact channel in the Slack, or send an email to


General channels

All attendees should be assigned to the following general-purpose channels.

    • #anouncement: Channel for general announcements. Only organizers can post messages, but all attendees can put comments on the thread associated with the original post.

    • #breakroom: Channel for free chatting. All attendees can make any conversations unless they violate the code-of-conduct.

    • #contact: Channel for asking questions or sending reports to organizers.

Session channels

Information about the sessions should be provided in the following channels.

    • #session-special-talks: Channels for special talks: keynote, plenary, and invited presentations.

    • #session-dars-xxx: Channels for DARS sessions. These channels will not be either visible or accessible for attendees registered as "SWARM only".

    • #session-swarm-xxx: Channels for SWARM sessions. All attendees can access it.

Discussion on Slack

When the attendees want to ask questions or make comments to the presenter for discussion, they can reply to the presenter’s video by using a "thread" as shown in the URL below. The presenter can discuss in the "thread" by replying to the questioner or commenter.

Zoom Guide for Online Talks and Discussions

About online sessions on Zoom

  • There are two Zoom meeting rooms, DARS and SWARM/Special sessions. DARS-Online sessions will be held in the DARS meeting room. SWARM-Online sessions and Special sessions (including Plenary, Keynote, and Invited speeches) will be held in the SWARM/Special meeting room.

  • The session URL to the Zoom meeting will be announced on Slack 10 minutes before the session. The meeting URL for each room is fixed regardless of the session.

  • Please start each presentation according to the time schedule of the session program. Please wait until the start time even if the previous presentation ends early.

  • The session organizer should help the discussion in zoom to be active.

  • Each viewer and speaker should follow the organizer's verbal instructions to do the presentation and discussion.

  • Speakers should turn on the camera as much as possible (not compulsory).

  • Viewers should turn off the camera.

  • If you have questions and/or comments on the presentation, please use the raise hand option or post them on chat.

  • (For organizers) you should turn on the camera from time to time and as needed.

  • (For organizers) If you encounter any technical problems that cannot be resolved, please contact the executive committee (co-host of Zoom).

About specifying the name on zoom

  • Each speaker will add "presenter" and "affiliation" to his/her name at the time of presentation. e.g. Fumitoshi Matsuno (presenter, Kyoto Univ.)

  • Do not use nicknames or names that are not registered with DARS-SWARM2021.

  • Please change each viewer to the registered name.

Dealing with unexpected Zoom errors

  • If Zoom shuts down or freezes during viewing/speaking, please re-enter immediately from the same Zoom URL.

  • If you have further technical questions about zoom, please send an email to or post them to #contact in DARS-SWARM2021 slack.

Precautions during viewing

  • During a viewing, mute the microphone except for the presenter and the questioner. Be careful not to let other viewers hear noise or voices unrelated to research discussions that may interfere with the speaker's progress through the microphone.