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For DARS-SWARM2021, attendee-to-attendee communication will be supplemented by Slack. We hope that this tool will help you connect with other attendees and allow richer discussions.

DARS-SWARM2021 will hold online sessions at Zoom. The following document notes how to use Zoom during meetings. Use it to help your online participation.

Slack Guide for On-demand Discussions



General channels

All attendees should be assigned to the following general-purpose channels.

Session channels

Information about the sessions should be provided in the following channels.

Discussion on Slack

When the attendees want to ask questions or make comments to the presenter for discussion, they can reply to the presenter’s video by using a "thread" as shown in the URL below. The presenter can discuss in the "thread" by replying to the questioner or commenter.

Zoom Guide for Online Talks and Discussions

About online sessions on Zoom

About specifying the name on zoom

Dealing with unexpected Zoom errors

Precautions during viewing